Phonics Lesson Planning

Daily Plans - These free plans follow the weekly planning overview given in Letters and Sounds but break it down day by day, add in suggested words and sentences that can be used in sessions and show how the PhonicsPlay games can fit into planning. They ensure a clear progression in phonics teaching. Feel free to adapt them to make them work for you and your class and obviously add as much sparkle and magic as you like. Some of the plans use specific resources (pictures etc) which are available to subscribers by clicking on the Resources for Planning links for each phase below.

DinosaurPlay Intervention - A short intervention for rebuilding confidence with phonics following school closures.

Phase 2 phonics lesson planning

Phase 3 phonics lesson planning

Phase 4 phonics lesson planning

Phase 5a phonics lesson planning

Phase 5b phonics lesson planning

Phase 5c phonics lesson planning

Phase 5d phonics lesson planning

The new curriculum (2014) identifies a small number of objectives for Y1 that are not already covered in the Letters and Sounds phases usually taught in Y1. Phase 5d covers all these additional objectives in a simple, familiar way for Y1.

Phase 6 phonics lesson planning

Phase 6 has been overtaken by changes to the curriculum that were made in 2014.
See for planning, interactive resources, printables and ideas for teaching phonics in Y2.

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