Phase 4 Interactive Resources

Crater Creature Countdown Subscribe to Play

Crater Creature Countdown

Good for: Rehearsing skills

Jetpack Jump Countdown Subscribe to Play

Jetpack Jump Countdown

Good for: Rehearsing skills

Disco Dragons Countdown Subscribe to Play

Disco Dragons Countdown

Good for: Rehearsing skills

Sentences Subscribe to Play


Good for: Developing vocabulary for talking about sounds

Flashcards Speed Trials Subscribe to Play

Flashcards Speed Trials

Good for: Grapheme recognition

Flashcards Time Challenge Subscribe to Play

Flashcards Time Challenge

Good for: Building speed

Tricky Word Trucks Subscribe to Play

Tricky Word Trucks

Good for: Practising reading tricky words.

Rocket Rescue Subscribe to Play

Rocket Rescue

Good for: Practising segmenting.

Space Race Subscribe to Play

Space Race

Good for: Practising segmenting.

Make a Match - Phase 4 Subscribe to Play

Make a Match - Phase 4

Good for: Getting better at blending.

Reading Robot Subscribe to Play

Reading Robot

Good for: Practising blending.

Train Your Brain Subscribe to Play

Train Your Brain

Good for: Learning to read tricky words

Interactive Storybook Subscribe to Play

Interactive Storybook

Good for: Applying blending skills

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