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We would like to express our wholehearted gratitude and respect for all teachers who have worked so hard to provide the best education possible during these challenging times. Also huge respect to all parents and carers who have navigated their way through the highs and lows of home schooling alongside all the other commitments in their lives. It’s been a rollercoaster!

We want to continue to make life as simple as possible for all. As a result:

  • It is not yet clear when all year groups in all parts of the UK will be returning to school, it is therefore difficult for us to state exactly when we will begin charging again. Apologies for this lack of clarity.
  • We will endeavour to give advance notice a month before charging begins again.
  • There will be no increase in the previous pricing structure.

We understand that some schools are keen to set budgets and plan ahead. If you wish to subscribe at this time, please contact us.

We wish you good health and all the very best at this stressful time.

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PhonicsPlay Comics

PhonicsPlay Comics

Decodable comics from PhonicsPlay

Dragons Den

Dragons Den

Good for: Practising blending

Picnic on Pluto

Picnic on Pluto

Good for: Practising blending

Welcome To The Zoo

Welcome To The Zoo

Good for: Listening and copying

Planetary Plurals

Planetary Plurals

Good for: Practising plural rules

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

Good for: Practising blending


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Have you tried these resources?

Make a Match - Phase 2 (Week 5)Subscribe to Play

Make a Match - Phase 2 (Week 5)

Good for: Getting better at blending.

Train Your BrainSubscribe to Play

Train Your Brain

Good for: Learning to read tricky words

Acorn AdventuresSubscribe to Play

Acorn Adventures

Good for: Learning to cope with alternative pronounciations.

Alternative Spellings /ur/Subscribe to Play

Alternative Spellings /ur/

Good for: Exploring this tricky phoneme with no best bet

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