Information on returning to charging.

Existing subscribers

We will be extending your subscription by the number of months that the site was available for free. We will email you to confirm that we have done this and let you know when your subscription will now expire. Your username and password will remain as it was before. You will receive the usual renewal reminders when the subscription is coming to an end.

New subscriptions

Subscriptions for new users and those with expired subscriptions will become available to buy online from 7th October 2020. Please be aware that if everyone signs up on 7th October, our servers, databases and lovely, hard-working staff may all fall over. Free access will remain available until 21st October 2020 to give people time to subscribe.

We are halving the cost of subscriptions for the next school year.

Whole school subscription will be £60 (inc VAT) per year.

Individual subscription will be £6 (inc VAT) per year.

The end of the free march20 login

The free lockdown login (march20) will stop working after the 21st October 2020.

Resources for isolating children

All resources which were always free will remain free. This includes:

We have halved the price of an individual subscription to £6 per year.

If you are a subscribing school and require more assistance relating to large scale closures and isolation, please get in touch and we will try to help.

Thank you

A huge thank you for all the kind and supportive messages that we have received. We have loved hearing about the fabulous learning going on under such difficult circumstances. Thank you also to those schools who paid for a subscription, even when they didn’t need to - we will be contacting you directly to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by your kindness. We are very touched by everyone’s support.

Stay safe.

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